Picking the perfect wedding venue – Location, facilities, and bar prices

There is a lot of happiness and excitement that comes with your big day! The special moments on this day remain etched in the happy couple’s memories forever. However, all the things on your wedding day need to be properly organized and planned for the perfect experience. Among the things which need proper planning, selection of the venue holds the utmost importance. Read on to know the factors you need to consider while selecting the best venue for the celebration of your wedding day.


The location of the wedding, as discussed above, is a factor that required a lot of emphasis. Since the general atmosphere of your wedding would depend on the venue, you should select one that is romantic, comfortable, and spacious enough to accommodate your guests easily. When you are selecting the location of your wedding venue, make sure it is easily locatable by the guests to avoid any inconvenience. Also, make sure that the location is not crowded to avoid the hassles of the traffic jams etc.


Take note of the facilities provided at the venue and judge its feasibility. The perfect venue should be providing bridal room, clean restrooms, proper basic facilities such as alternate power resources, adequate parking space etc.


The bar area of the venue should be equipped with various drinks as refreshment for guests is an important factor that one needs to consider while selecting the wedding venue. Carefully select the drinks that will be offered at the bar to the guests and the amount of budget you will be spending on it. The quality of the drinks shouldn’t be compromised but it shouldn’t disturb your budget either. Some wedding venues have in-house bar facilities that you can take advantage of.


The perfect music completes a wedding ceremony. It creates a nice ambience for the groom and bride to celebrate and enjoy their D-Day to the fullest. The best option for arranging music on your wedding day is to hire the services of wedding band to perform live for your guests. The Slinky band is one of the most sought after Party and Wedding Band for Chester, Liverpool, Wirral, North West England and surrounding areas. Whether you are opting for live DJ services or a function band, you can rely on the Slinky band for the best music on your wedding day.

Not only for wedding days, you can also avail the services of Slinky Band on any other special occasion or a general gathering. They are the best in business because:

  • Easy on budget
  • High-quality PA & Lighting
  • Professional DJ service
  • They offer – Live music for award ceremonies and several other extensive features.

Make your special day even more special by selecting the best venue and arranging the best music in town by the Slinky Band and make memories for a lifetime.

Slinky’s August Journal

Wow what a busy August we are having – it may be holiday time for a lot of people, but it is definitely our busiest time of year. We will be performing at 9 weddings this month. We have already been to South Wales where we had 2 weddings back to back, in Bridgend and Brecon (we camped, thankfully the weather was kind), North Wales, Ramsbottom, Derby and Southport and still have Peckforton and Cumbria and back down to Monmouthsire!

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Slinky Recommends!

In our job as a function band we travel up and down the country performing at weddings, parties and corporate events. Naturally we come across many suppliers, venues, caterers, photographers and so on. In this blog we thought we would give a little shout out to a few that have really stood out for us recently.

So starting with venues, one of our favourites has been Headingley Cricket Ground. We performed at a wedding here and in our experience the staff were really hospitable which of course is very important when you are organising something as stressful as a wedding. They really couldn’t do enough to help, not to mention the fact that the venue itself is a fantastic backdrop for a wedding. We left an important piece of kit at the venue and they mailed it to us the next day with no hesitation. They wouldn’t even allow us to pay the postage! Another venue with great staff we found was Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. The bar staff particularly were really cool guys and deserve a shout out for their great banter and energy. There’s nothing worse than members of staff who would clearly rather be somewhere else. You couldn’t say that about these guys!

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A Look at Celebrity Parties With Slinky!

As a premier wedding, and corporate event band, we get to attend a lot of great parties! But how do the rich and famous celebrate? This week we’re looking at some of the wildest, craziest and extravagant parties thrown by celebrities.

Elton Johns 50th Birthday

It’s no surprise that Elton is appearing in this list. Extravagant, flamboyant and worth a fortune, you would expect him to celebrate his 50th in style wouldn’t you. With over 500 guests and an outfit that cost no less than £70,000 (yes, that’s right) there was no expense spared. Elton even had to hire an extra large vehicle, just to fit his huge wig in!

Our song for Elton – Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top

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Slinky – Live Wedding Band – Coping in a Competitive Market Place

In our early days together as a live party band, marketing was a much simpler task than it is today, but then, our bookings were in the main, more local. Booked by those who had heard of us through word of mouth, or from local gigs we had played. We still get many bookings through word of mouth, it is after all the best form of advertising, but these days there is so much more to marketing, and with it, more opportunities. We no longer think of ourselves as a Northwest Wedding Band but a UK Wedding Band. These days we have enquires coming from all over the UK, and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our repertoire and our performance – but how do we get this across to potential customers? Brides and grooms looking for their wedding entertainment, corporate event planners looking for a great live party band? These potential customers now have access to hundreds of great bands at the click of a button? All they need to do is go to Google and type in ‘Live Band’ and they will be spoilt for choice! We have to make sure we are the best we can be, but we also have to make sure that our marketing is up there with the best aswell.

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North West Party Band Slinky to Play Special ‘Dad Rock’ Gig!!

Well, not really, but as it’s Fathers Day this Sunday, in this blog we have compiled our ultimate Fathers Day set list, featuring some of the finest ‘Dad Rock’ tracks we could think of. You know the ones. The music we were all subjected to on long car journeys as kids. The songs that made our Dads say ‘they don’t write them like this anymore’. The songs that dads seem think YouTube was made for.

Dad rockers refuse to move with the times. These are the songs of their youth and they won’t be moved! We asked our Facebook followers to make some suggestions which we have added into the list. So here we go, Dads perfect gig…

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Top North West Party Band Slinky Have Got It Covered

As a top North West Party Band, cover versions are what Slinky does. Sometimes we stay true to the original, and sometimes we like to ‘Slinkify’ things a bit, take our versions of Seven Nation Army, or I Wanna Be Like You from The Jungle Book for example. The fact is that at a party, a wedding or any other event, people want songs that are familiar to them. Songs that they know and love – so they can get up, sing along, and have a damn good boogie! This combined with the thrill of a live band – it’s a winning combination, and the reason why so many people are choosing to book a live band for their wedding or other function.

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North West Wedding Band Slinky Come Home (at least for a few weeks)…

We have been all over the country this year from London right up to Aberdeen. Last weekend we played a nice local gig for us back in the North West, at the Thistle Atlantic Tower which is opposite the Pier Head in Liverpool. We arrived early just in case we had to take all our gear up to the top floor! Fortunately the function room was on the first floor. The sound was really good in this room due to the low ceilings and the fact that we were facing away from the glazed wall.

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The Best First Dance Choices for a Wedding

Every couple would want their wedding to be the most memorable affair of their life. You will see couples being deeply engrossed in minute details concerning their big day. From hall decoration to catering, couples, along with their friends and families, are involved in each and every aspect to make their special day even more special. However, a factor that deserves special attention is the music arrangement in the venue on the big day. To put it simply, a wedding ceremony without music can be termed as “boring”. The right music has the power to boost the mood of your guests. It will make them groove to the music, forgetting all their worries and troubles, and enjoy your wedding to the maximum.

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Behind the Scenes – What it Takes to be a Top UK Professional Function Band

We are enjoying our busiest year ever with many bookings now being taken into 2016 as well. Having a live wedding band is becoming more and more popular, not to mention all of our corporate and private party bookings. For this blog we wanted to share with you some of the work that goes into our job. Our live performance at your function is the bit we love, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some things you may not know about what goes on behind the scenes of a professional function band.

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