Wedding Band Liverpool

North West function band Slinky have been playing across Liverpool, Merseyside, Cheshire and the rest of the UK since 2003. The party band are made up of lead bassist and producer Aaron Croxford, Nick Studholme on guitar, talented drummer Damien Williams and the Wirral’s Stuart Brierley on lead vocals.

Covering various genres of music, including hits from Lenny Kravitz, Snow Patrol, The Clash and Damien Rice, Slinky have garnered a wealth of experience in honing their performance skills ensuring a brilliant night of music at every event they play at.

Croxford notes the band’s success over recent years and their popularity playing at weddings, work parties and special birthdays. “A lot of people know of Slinky in the North West npw – we’ve been playing venues in Manchester, Sheffield, London and so on for a long time – we’ve played a lot of big cities, and then we often have big countryside weddings. The travelling isn’t a problem for us, we love getting out there and being at people’s weddings all across the UK.”

Quoted recently in the local newspaper as “simply one of the best rock bands to come out of the Wirral,” the band look future to what is in store for them. Studholme notes, “We are working on original music at the moment but we’ve also added a lot of songs to our corporate repertoire – lots of modern tracks from Plan B, Florence and the Machine, a lot of chart music – it’s really fun because we have a great sound and the audiences always go wild when we’re performing current chart hits mixed in with some of our usual Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.”

The band is entirely customisable in terms of what you want to hear and what kind of in-struments you want the band to be made up of – by liaising with Aaron you can hire additional woodwind, brass or percussion and organise requests for first dance wedding sorts or any specially commissioned song.