You know us through our music and you have probably seen us play at a wedding or a party that you attended. You loved our music but do you know who exactly we are? You must be thinking that we are just a bunch of guys who thought music to be the greatest option as a career because we just love it more than anything else in this world. Talking in literal terms, you are right to a great extent. You have seen our passion for music but did you see the efforts by all the four band members to come together and someone else’s day so special?

You met our music through that party but now this is the time to meet us. The four of us came together with a dream to come up with the best wedding band from the North West England had seen in ages. We were able to fulfill this dream and are still in the process of achieving greater heights but did you ever think about the kind of effort that goes into achieving all this? Well, even if we give everything to our music we have nothing to complain about because our music has returned the favor in a magnified amount.

To let our audience know what The Slinky Band is we come up with blogs, news, and photo shoots of ourselves so that people would know who Aaron, Damien, Nick, and Stu are. Well, we have given a lot about ourselves through our video but were you able to infer the actual meaning from it? Even if you were not we will help you in knowing more about the four of us.

Aaron is the base of the band that is why we have referred to him as Mr. Bass. He is the root and the person who maintains the balance of the band on the ground. We depend on him to hold the band together and he performs this responsibility of his in the finest manner. He is the support system of the band and makes us stronger as a team.

We call Damien as Mr. Beats because he comes up with the best beats to boost the morale of the whole band. He is the one who helps in creating an identity of our own amidst all the covers that we play. He helps in bringing the unique and personal flavor of the band in each of the compositions that we play. A big shout out to Damien for helping us in creating a style statement of our own.

The Axeman aka Nick takes us to another level by always coming up with something new and fresh for the band. This talent of his never lets the reputation of the band come down and helps us in coming up with something that will definitely satisfy the ears of music connoisseurs.

Finally, we talk about Stu who happens to be our Frontman because he is the one who leads the band and leads us forward. He is there to act like a true leader and takes responsibility of being the face of the band because of his vocals. He takes upon his shoulders to lead the band forward and will do everything in his capacity to make the band reach greater heights.

All four of us combine our efforts to make what The Slinky Band is today and work even harder to take it a step further as the ultimate wedding band in the area of North West England. We not only want to provide people with some classy music but also have the aim of making the special days of people even more special through it.

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