In our job as a function band we travel up and down the country performing at weddings, parties and corporate events. Naturally we come across many suppliers, venues, caterers, photographers and so on. In this blog we thought we would give a little shout out to a few that have really stood out for us recently.

So starting with venues, one of our favourites has been Headingley Cricket Ground. We performed at a wedding here and in our experience the staff were really hospitable which of course is very important when you are organising something as stressful as a wedding. They really couldn’t do enough to help, not to mention the fact that the venue itself is a fantastic backdrop for a wedding. We left an important piece of kit at the venue and they mailed it to us the next day with no hesitation. They wouldn’t even allow us to pay the postage! Another venue with great staff we found was Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool. The bar staff particularly were really cool guys and deserve a shout out for their great banter and energy. There’s nothing worse than members of staff who would clearly rather be somewhere else. You couldn’t say that about these guys!

Now we know if the wedding planner is helpful with us they must be fantastic with the bride and groom as sadly it’s is often not the case. We have come across a few who it would seem would rather not have to deal with a band! The wedding organiser at Mottram Hall stood out for us for being really helpful and friendly. It’s not always easy for us going into a new venue to set up. We need to know where we can park, where we need to set up and where we can get changed amongst other things, without ever wanting to bother the bride and groom, so when someone at the venue has all of the information (not always the case) and works with us to make everything run smoothly it makes a big difference.

We are lucky enough to get to try all sorts of food at the events we perform at. We recently had some fantastic food at Mythe Barn in Atherstone where we were playing at a wedding. This is a really cool venue which has been purpose built for weddings. We were invited to join in the evening barbeque which was delicious and definitely worth a mention (and we eat a lot of wedding food!).

Although we offer a free DJ service as part of our package, many clients prefer to go for a full DJ service and a couple of DJs who we work with a lot are Mark Woods and also Jules Ullah – both of these guys have a great interaction with the crowd and know how to fill a dance floor with some cool tracks! You can contact us for the details of either of these guys.

We would also like to give a mention to David Walters who spent the day and evening photographing a festival themed wedding we played at in Liverpool at the Atlantic Tower Thistle. David was kind enough to send us some shots after the wedding and on having a glance through his portfolio we were very impressed with his work!

Keep checking back for more recommendations!

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