As a premier wedding, and corporate event band, we get to attend a lot of great parties! But how do the rich and famous celebrate? This week we’re looking at some of the wildest, craziest and extravagant parties thrown by celebrities.

Elton Johns 50th Birthday

It’s no surprise that Elton is appearing in this list. Extravagant, flamboyant and worth a fortune, you would expect him to celebrate his 50th in style wouldn’t you. With over 500 guests and an outfit that cost no less than £70,000 (yes, that’s right) there was no expense spared. Elton even had to hire an extra large vehicle, just to fit his huge wig in!

Our song for Elton – Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top

Paris Hiltons 21st Birthday

I’m sure many of our readers will appreciate how difficult it is to select the right venue for your event. Paris just couldn’t narrow it down, so she decided to hold 5 parties at different venues across the globe to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Our song for Paris – I Get Around, The Beach Boys

Liam Payne

Little Liam from One Direction threw a 24th (?) birthday party for his pal Wizkid, during which he ordered a bottle of champagne. Nothing particularly notable about that is there? Well no, except that the bottle of champagne cost $1.2 million. Around a fifth of Liam’s wealth at the time! Go easy son, that money needs to last you a looong time!

Our song for Liam – Champagne Supernova, Oasis

Kate Moss

Although waif like, it would seem that Miss Moss has the constitution of a tank! In fact her friends have coined the phrase ‘getting Mossed’ which basically means partying so hard that you lose entire days. Kate’s 40th birthday party lasted for four days and involved a rave, fire eaters and a Glastonbury style sleep over for 100 people at her mansion. Where was our invite?

Our song for Kate – Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat, Beardyman

Ralph Whitworth – Former Chief Executive of HP

Ok so he’s not really a celebrity, but we think he deserves a mention. Not because he threw a Wednesday night party for 400 of his mates at Solana Beach in California, but because the band he booked to play at the party was quite famous. In fact, it was The Rolling Stones! Yes, he paid around $2 million for the Stones to play 15 tracks at his private party. Pretty impressive.

Our song for Ralph – I’m Impressed by They Might be Giants

So remember when you are planning your event to add huge wig, round the world tickets, extortionately priced champagne and fire eaters to your list. Oh, and if you are looking for a great live party band, but can’t quite stretch to The Rolling Stones, check Slinky out, you may find us a touch more affordable!

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