In our early days together as a live party band, marketing was a much simpler task than it is today, but then, our bookings were in the main, more local. Booked by those who had heard of us through word of mouth, or from local gigs we had played. We still get many bookings through word of mouth, it is after all the best form of advertising, but these days there is so much more to marketing, and with it, more opportunities. We no longer think of ourselves as a Northwest Wedding Band but a UK Wedding Band. These days we have enquires coming from all over the UK, and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, our repertoire and our performance – but how do we get this across to potential customers? Brides and grooms looking for their wedding entertainment, corporate event planners looking for a great live party band? These potential customers now have access to hundreds of great bands at the click of a button? All they need to do is go to Google and type in ‘Live Band’ and they will be spoilt for choice! We have to make sure we are the best we can be, but we also have to make sure that our marketing is up there with the best aswell.

Over the last few years we have put a lot of time, effort and money into professional marketing, which we feel reflects the Slinky brand. First and foremost we have our website – which if you are reading this, you will already have found. We work closely with our web designer to ensure that all of the information is current, and that the look and feel of the website represents us effectively. Then of course, we need material for the website. Professional photos, MP3s, an up to date blog and, something we are really proud of, our promotional videos. Our potential clients can now see and hear us from the comfort of their sofas. As we know though, nothing compares to the atmosphere of a live performance, and this is something which is difficult to get across through videos and MP3s alone, so we also include on the website, many testimonials from our past clients.

Social Media presents huge opportunities for marketing, as well as giving us that connection with our customers, past, present and future. Through Facebook and Twitter, our customers can interact with us, and us with them. We can share information about our latest activities, photos and, something we have recently started doing, video testimonials. Through Twitter we can connect with venues and suppliers, as well as with customers. We now also offer all of our customers the opportunity to have a private event page set up through our ‘Slinky Events’ page on Facebook. This allows them to share information with their guests and for the guests and the band to interact with each other before the event, adding that extra personal touch which we pride ourselves on. Social Media allows us to really reach out to our fans and potential clients, informing them of upcoming public performances, and most importantly of all giving them chance to communicate with us and provide valuable feedback. Anyone is welcome to leave us a review on our page for all to see. This comes back down to good old word of mouth.

We have seen such an increase in enquiries and bookings this year and this is because we are reaching out to more people. We know we can deliver a fantastic service and performance, and with the advances in our marketing, we can tell many more people.

Slinky x

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