Well, not really, but as it’s Fathers Day this Sunday, in this blog we have compiled our ultimate Fathers Day set list, featuring some of the finest ‘Dad Rock’ tracks we could think of. You know the ones. The music we were all subjected to on long car journeys as kids. The songs that made our Dads say ‘they don’t write them like this anymore’. The songs that dads seem think YouTube was made for.

Dad rockers refuse to move with the times. These are the songs of their youth and they won’t be moved! We asked our Facebook followers to make some suggestions which we have added into the list. So here we go, Dads perfect gig…

Cream – Sunshine of Your Love

Cream were widely acknowledged as the world’s first rock supergroup, fronted by Eric Clapton. He broke up the band after reading a bad review in Rolling Stone, agreeing that the band had become boring! Sorry Dads.

Free – Alright Now

Released in 1970 from the album ‘Fire and Water’. Dads everywhere rejoiced when it was remixed and re-released in 1991, reaching number 1 in the UK singles charts. Thanks Wrigleys! We play this one, it is often asked for when people are booking a live band (you know, to keep the Dads happy).

Bad Company – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love

From the bands 1974 self-titled album, you will hear this song played frequently on any self-respecting classic rock radio station. Another one which saw a 90’s revival after being included in an advertising campaign, this time courtesy of Levis.

Steely Dan – Reelin in the Years

A number 11 hit for the band in 1973. Fagan of the band described the track as dumb but effective while Jimmy Page has been quoted as saying that the guitar solo in this song is his favourite of all time (making his kids roll their eyes and pull faces behind his back). It’s a Dad classic.

Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well

Ok, they have had more transitions, break-ups, reunions, and comings and goings of various members than your Dad has had hot dinners, but, as he will no doubt remind you, they are one of the most successful bands of all time. And this one is a classic from their early days.

Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

To us he is Bruce Springsteen. Singer-songwriter, guitarist and humanitarian. To your Dad, he is simply ‘The Boss’. Enough said.

Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

Fairly modern by ‘Dad Rock’ standards, this one was released in 1985 and is written from the point of view of your average working class man. It’s a Dad driving anthem. Drop the kids at school, wind the window down, shades on, turn it up loud!

Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes

Simply because all dads are young dudes at heart!

Meatloaf – Bat Out of Hell

Paul Rees, Q’s Editor-in-Chief described this song in such a typically Dad way that no more really needs to be said… “There are some songs that transcend such things as time and genre, and “Bat Out Of Hell” is assuredly one of them. It sounded extraordinary when it was first released, and it appears no less so now—like something beamed in from another planet. Extraordinary, and magnificent too, thanks in large part to one of the great vocal performances on record.” Ok Dad, mum says can you turn it down now, your tea’s ready….

Status Quo – Down Down

Oh no. We’ve got to the end of the night. All Dads to the dancefloor, I repeat, all Dads to the dancefloor. Please remember to tie your ties around your heads, and don’t forget your air guitars… it’s time for the final ‘Dad Rock’ showdown. Sons and daughters, you may want to leave the room now….

So for all you young dudes out there who are booking your live band for your party or wedding entertainment, check their repertoire and make sure there are a few ‘Dad Rock’ tracks in there. You will make at least a couple of people at your event very happy indeed.

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