Firstly Slinky would like to wish everyone a happy new year. After such a successful 2014 for the Slinky band, there’s no time for rest and reflection. Slinky had the opportunity last year to play some prestigious venues and Lots of amazing shows to so many wonderful people.

Stuart, Slinky’s lead singer Said “Last year the highlight for me has to be when we performed at Chelsea’s football ground in their exclusive club – Under The Bridge, and also not forgetting Headingley cricket ground, where we had the pleasure of performing three times during the year. Not forgetting our New Year show at the stunning Portmeirion village which for me topped the year off nicely”.

Bookings are already in for future work and as an average over previous years, 2015 is to be Slinky’s most successful year. With gigs already being booked over a year in advance Slinky’s growth and expansion is plain to see. Nick, Guitarist Said “We’ve really noticed an increase in bookings and enquiries from previous years and with performances booked for as far as 2017 we really couldn’t be happier. As we get increasingly busier with work the positive vibe of the band increases and Slinky is a real pleasure to be a part of. Last year we played so many good shows and had lots of fun in the process. I feel we are now a very tightly knit unit of musicians and our performances just get better every time”.

The Panic Station promotional video (original song by the band Muse) filmed last year by Slinky with the help of the talented director Chloe Byatt, has been widely welcomed and viewed as a success. The video has a Reservoir dogs theme and is superbly shot with a moody, dark feel and really has come out so well on screen. Extra behind the scenes videos were also produced from the video shoot including out-takes which are sure to produce a laugh.

Damien the drummer said “We had a great time filming Panic Station and we were all very pleased with the outcome, I can now reveal we are planning a new video this year to top panic station. Once again we are teaming up with Chloe and I can honestly say after discussions and meetings about the new video I’m very excited and I urge you all to keep up with Slinkys progress. Production starts very soon.

Slinky pride themselves on their current repertoire and they are extending it further this year to provide even more choice and diversity for the Audience. Aaron bass player said “We’ve always had a big repertoire and we’ve worked very hard over the years to bring lots of choice to the dancefloor. This year we are expanding even further which means we’ll have some very good new tracks plus a few surprises”.

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